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Service platform expansion machine tool association set up distributors.
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Recently, China Machine Tool Industry Association of dealers branch establishment meeting, dealers branch first at the first council was held at the Sheraton Shanghai hotel. Deputy director Chinese machine tool industry association secretary general Chen Huiren attended the meeting and speech, executive vice chairman Wang Liming presided over the meeting, a total of nearly 79 members attended the meeting.
The establishment of the dealer meeting coincided with China's economy is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, the government has emphasized to focus on promoting structural reforms in the supply side, the machine tool industry should be to improve the supply structure as the main direction of attack, the machine tool dealer groups should play a role in promoting. However, China's machine tool dealers are not optimistic about the current situation, despite the large number, but good and bad, vicious competition phenomenon enable machine tool distribution industry is in a state of disorder, which is obviously not conducive to the development of machine tool industry, transformation and upgrading. And fully play the role of the market dealers, establish the machine tool market orderly and normative behavior, is the basic starting point of Chinese machine tool industry association established dealers branch.
Chen Huiren said in his speech, the machine tool association according to some dealers offer, after careful research to make decisions, set up dealer. Strictly speaking, the past is the association of machine tool manufacturers association, not including dealer groups, established dealers branch is an attempt, bold breakthrough, but also in the machine tool association under the background of the transformation of their own. In recent years, the machine tool association proposed to strengthen the awareness of the market, member consciousness, service consciousness and opening consciousness, of which the first is market consciousness, dealer groups is nerve endings in the market of industrial induction, feelings and reactions to the market the most direct and most timely and is an important component part of the industry, manufacturers are now in the transformation and upgrading, dealers in the transformation and upgrading of. This is dealers to set up branches in the background.
Welcomed, the majority of dealers enterprises call for the establishment of a branch of the positive response, according to the association of machine tool market data to apply for membership before the deadline, there have been 94 companies through the audit become dealers branch member units. Even after the closing date, there are still some dealers in the enterprises to actively apply for the membership.
After the establishment of the General Assembly held the first branch of the dealer, then the dealer first council. Council, Qingdao Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. was elected as chairman of the unit, Shanghai aimuli mechanical complete equipment Co., Ltd. was elected as executive vice chairman of the unit, Taiyuan City Xinfeng through electromechanical trade Co., Ltd. and other 17 enterprises was elected as the vice chairman of the unit. At the same time, the meeting elected Qingdao machine Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., chairman of Liu Zongyi as chairman, Shanghai aimuyi machine equipment Co., Ltd., general manager of JinFang standing vice president for long.
Council, JinFang, deputy chairman of the dealers branch 2016 key work plan report ", said the branch will organize member units strengthen self-discipline and integrity construction, curb unfair competition, and accurately and quickly feedback market information, from the views of users and dealers to improve the quality and level of service. Dealer branch was established in the industry development of far-reaching significance. For the member unit, make full use of dealers branch this platform, can realize the sharing of resources, implement dealers within the industry and the powerful combination of multi cooperation, enable dealers to truly become one of the main body of the market economy, for the machine tool industry transformation and upgrading to contribute.