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The Internet can make manufacturing "a tiger with wings added".
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Yesterday, China's accession to the WTO chief negotiators, the Boao Forum for Asia, former Secretary of the long Yongtu in Foshan "Internet + Creative Innovation Industrial Park" to start the ceremony participating in pointed out: manufacturing industry decides a country's economic base is in rock or sand, the manufacturing industry as a burden and obstacle is completely wrong.
Long Yongtu pointed out that the manufacturing sector can not be lost, the real economy can not be lost. "Manufacturing is the wealth of China first pot of gold, but is now facing the temptation of real estate, eliminated transfer the pressure of the traditional industries, to be regarded as a burden and obstacles, this is entirely the wrong point of view, the manufacturing industry is the backbone of China's economic basis, worker."
"The manufacturing industry determines the economic base of a country that is built on rock or sand." Long Yongtu said, one of the causes of the financial crisis in the United States in 2008 is to get rid of the manufacturing industry, after the financial crisis of the United States to recognize the importance of the manufacturing industry and revive manufacturing. He said, a country must engage in long-term development of the manufacturing industry, but also can not forget the basis of the real economy."
Long Yong said, "the Internet or financial services or is based on manufacturing industry. The Internet can only "for manufacturing a tiger with wings added," the big tiger wings and let it fly farther and higher."
"Can't expect every small and medium enterprises to study the Internet, should build Internet service platform for small and medium enterprises solve funds, channel, brand, let every small and medium enterprises concentrate with artisan spirit do them on that a little bit manufacturing." Long Yongtu said that small and medium-sized enterprises the biggest problem is scattered and disorderly, bring infighting, internal friction, the Internet to help solve these problems.
He said that the Internet is helping small and medium-sized enterprises in globalization from the edge to the mainstream, "past global carrier, the allocation of resources and wealth to benefit is a large multinational company, but now small and medium-sized enterprise via the Internet to get the chance to, to a large extent will share these."