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The technical level of CNC machine tools has been steadily improved.
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First of all, in the high-end equipment level rapidly. At present, the large automobile panel automatic stamping line more than 10 types of equipment has reached the international advanced level, fully realized the import substitution. Longmen high-speed five axis machining center and more than 20 kinds of products have reached the international advanced level, the level of import substitution products. The core technology with independent intellectual property rights and flexible manufacturing systems forming precision horizontal machining center. High speed, composite and other high-end CNC machining center has completed the stage of development, but there is still a gap in performance and reliability with the international advanced level.
Secondly, the CNC system echelon forward. Our country in the mid to high-end CNC system research and development has made considerable progress, since 2010, has accumulated in the field of aerospace, energy, marine, automotive and other key realized 3.5 million units of domestic high-end CNC system supporting applications, to achieve import substitution. Multi channel, multi axis linkage and other high performance CNC system series products to break the monopoly of foreign technology, main technical index has reached the level of the international mainstream high-end CNC system, the realization of the for a variety of high-speed, precision CNC machine tools supporting. CNC system in key military enterprises realize small batch application. Standard type CNC system development to achieve mass production, domestic market share increased from 10% to 25%. Formed a number of industrial production base, in which the Guangzhou CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. has formed an annual production capacity of 100 thousand units of various types of CNC system, production ranked second in the world. NC system in our country is preliminary already have with foreign products of the same kind of competition ability, and to achieve the numerical control system for batch export, 2010 - 2014 cumulative export all kinds of CNC system more than 9600 sets, which five axis CNC system nearly 700 sets. In the end, the quality level of the functional components is improved steadily, and the variety series is continuously improved. Domestic functional components have been achieved with the bulk of the mainframe machine tools; tool products have been basically provided for the automotive industry to provide the ability of modern cutting tools. CNC system, functional components and tools and the application of CNC machine tools and batch of the demonstration, help form a complete industrial chain, to promote the structural adjustment of the machine tool industry.