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Machine tool industry farewell to the low end of the melee, the time to.
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There are 3 levels of development: the end of the machine tool can do well, and make competition. At present most of the domestic high-end products still remain in the "can do" stage, must then step two Hom, further "do", "competitiveness".
The latest data Chinese machine tool industry association show that in 2015 China's machine tool industry overall boom index was only 34.5%, far below the dividing line between the 50%, than in 2014 dropped 8.8 percentage points. "Last year, the machine tool industry continues to run low, the downward pressure on the strength to bear bigger and broader, the foreign trade situation is grim double down, the whole." China Machine Tool Industry Association executive vice chairman and Secretary General of the long Chen Huiren said, China's machine tool industry is in the throes of transition, enterprises should comprehensively and profoundly rational and objective understanding and grasping of the current situation, take the initiative to adjust the positive coping.
The contradiction between supply and demand mismatch have become increasingly prominent
From the beginning of the second half of 2011, the machine tool industry after 10 years of rapid expansion and rapid growth, the whole industry into the downstream channel. The direct reason is the domestic machine tool consumption market has undergone significant and sustained changes: the total market demand has decreased, on the other hand is the rapid escalation of demand structure.
"The basic characteristics for this round of market changes, we will make a judgment as early as the end of 2012, but the decline and the upgrading of the structure of the total rate still exceeded our expectations." Chen Huiren said. According to statistics, machine tool association in 2014 compared to 2011, the domestic machine tool market total consumption fell 18.6% in 2015 compared with 2014 fell 13.5%. "But it must be noted that the decline in the total market demand is structural, that is, the decline in the most common low - grade products." Chen Huiren said, compared with the peak of the first half of 2011, the current general machine tool, the production and sales of major types of machine tools have been reduced to three or even two.
At the same time, with users in order to improve the production efficiency and product quality, began to pursue the intelligent and personalized, the demand of machine tool the "workhorses" upgrade upgrade for the complete automation, customization and universal shift. For example, the small vertical machining center for smart phone shell processing in recent years, showing the explosive growth trend.
"These needs to upgrade direction and the long-term inherent advantages of China's machine tool manufacturing industry is completely opposite." Chen Huiren said, we are the best in the way of mass production in the low-end standard generic single product, short board is to provide a package of solutions according to customer specific requirements. With the continuous acceleration of the demand structure, the contradiction between supply and demand is becoming more and more serious ".
China's machine tool industry is not short of surface, is the depth of
"Enterprise strategy convergence leads to serious product homogeneity, which is one of the main reasons for the structural contradiction of machine tool industry." Chen Huiren said that the majority of machine tool enterprises over the years the strategy of convergence, the consequences of low-end products is the homogenization of serious competition. In the market is not good, orders to drop the case, companies competing to pavement in an attempt to expand coverage to seize orders, but this will only lead to more serious homogenization, while also ignored for in-depth and meticulous research on the needs of users.
"China machine tool industry is not lacking, but the depth of." Chen Huiren believes that the current machine tool enterprises must change the concept of thinking, lateral contraction front, strengthen the depth development, looking for differences in living space, this is the basic strategic choice of industry. In depth research efforts, personalization, providing a complete solution for the user.
The high-end machine tool development: step two hurdle
"The low-end melee, high-end fall is the embarrassing situation of China's machine tool industry has been. In recent years, a series of policy measures in support of the state, China's machine tool industry to catch up in the field of high-end.
Chen Huiren said, there are 3 levels of the development of high-end machine tool can do: - do - make competitiveness. At present most of the domestic high-end products still remain in the "can do" stage, must then step two Hom, further "do", "competitiveness".
Chen Huiren think it need to achieve a breakthrough in the field of high-end, on the one hand, the enterprise to strive for innovation to strengthen research and development, self mastery of core technology, and active and key areas of the depth of the user dialogue together to achieve application; on the other hand also need policy support, guide both supply and demand and strong binding, encourage enterprises to adopt the domestic high-end machine tool.