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Machine tool industry boom index of economic temperature.
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The manufacturing of red light? 7 consecutive months below the line ups and downs! Yesterday, the National Bureau of statistics released in February PMI (manufacturing PMI) is 49, which is also the lowest since the November 2011. Reporters yesterday to the country's Exhibition Center (Shanghai) exhibition China machine held on-site visit, feel the real temperature of economy.

As industrial tools, machine tool industry boom is directly related to the development of manufacturing enterprises. Through the exchange and trade show, reporter feeling although the PMI data released a bit cold, but exhibitors feel new year the first exhibition situation obviously than last year half a year, the audience are mainly professionals, and a large number of people from overseas customers, even in the spot under the orders.

"We are the first exhibition in Shanghai, but the effect greatly exceeded expectations." Ningbo AGEMA Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of He Jinlong out and foreign businessmen to exchange business card, saying, "the Turkish businessmen see products repeatedly praised have reached initial intention of orders."

"This year outside generally on the economy especially is manufacturing full of worry", from Guangdong pratic CNC Technology Co., Ltd. Sales Manager Wu Jiu. Of last year's dismal performance is still a lingering fear. But this time there was a little comfort. "Did not expect such a professional exhibition, to have so many customers, to come to consult and have the intention of cooperation more than last year, more than last year." He said that the machine tool industry a year's harvest is the key to see three or four months, intuition told him, this is not too cold in the spring."