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Analysis on the five misunderstandings of the international development of machine tool industry.
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It is understood that in recent years the development of internationalization has become the development goal of all walks of life, the machine tool industry is no exception, in the impact of international development in machinery industry, easy to misunderstand. Machine tool is the industrial production of machine tools, Dalian machine tool, Shenyang machine tool, Daguang evergreen, enterprises as the CNC machine tool industry in the well-known enterprises should also be risk averse, so as not to go into production mistakes.
A misunderstanding: the international marketing must be from the start. Enterprises not only need to start from the product marketing and service output, more need to absorb foreign advanced technology, international management experience etc..
Misunderstanding two: internationalization is more important than domestic. Machine tool enterprises can not ignore the domestic market for the prosperity of the international market. Chinese machine tool enterprises in the local market has not yet really win, which is the biggest obstacle to international business.
Myth three: M & A is the best way to international. The appropriate international mergers and acquisitions if operating properly, may be a feasible approach to play to complementary advantages and complement each other to achieve a win-win. However, cross-border mergers and acquisitions are also hidden a huge risk, especially after the integration of the risk of mergers and acquisitions.
Misunderstanding four: the pursuit of overall international business. Machine tool enterprises in the initial stage, based on core resources and comparative advantage to develop international business, and continue to expand and to extend the industrial chain, improve the comprehensive competition ability, by the specialized operation to develop in the direction of integrated management, from a single product service provider to integrated product service provider changes.
Myth five: international brand China, or China brand internationalization. , we should pay attention to three kinds of situation: first, eager to brand replacement, namely after the merger, eager to paste "brand China"; the second, eager to overseas brand innovation, transformation of Chinese to foreign brands, lack of reasonable transition space; the third, China famous brand or Chinese famous trademark is a global brand.