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What are the characteristics of the mechanical structure of CNC machine tools?
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CNC machine tools in general by the input, output devices, CNC devices, programmable controllers, servo system, testing and feedback devices and machine tools, such as host.
1, input and output device input device can transfer different processing information to the computer. Early in NC machine tool, the input device for perforated tape, has become obsolete. At present, using the keyboard, disk, greatly facilitate the work of information input. Output to output working parameters (including machine normal, ideal working condition of original parameters, fault diagnosis parameters), general after machine just work state output these parameters for record keeping, to be the work of a period of time, output and the original data for comparison and contrast, can help to determine the machine work whether to maintain normal.
2. The numerical control device is the core and leading of the numerical control machine tool. The processing and calculating work of all the processing data is finished, and the function of the NC machine tool is finally realized. It contains micro computer circuit, a variety of interface circuit, CRT display and other hardware and the corresponding software.
3, programmable controller PLC, it for the spindle unit to achieve control, program the speed command processing and controlling spindle speed; management tool library, automatic tool exchange, tool selection, tool using a cumulative frequency, cutting tool residual life and cutting edge grinding times management; control the movement of the spindle is inversion and stop, quasi stop, cutting fluid switch, chuck clamping loosen, the mechanical hand take knife feeding etc.; the machine external switch (travel switch, pressure switch, a temperature control switch, etc.) control; the output signal (knife, manipulator, rotary and Taiwan, etc.) control.
4, detection feedback device consists of the detection element and the corresponding circuit, mainly to detect the speed and displacement, and the information feedback to the numerical control device, to achieve closed-loop control to ensure the machining accuracy of CNC machine tools.
5 of the main machine, CNC machine tools, including bed, spindle and feed drive mechanism of mechanical parts.